This app is great for:

  • Insurance Industry - TPAs, Property and Casualty Carriers, Water Remediation
  • Home Remodeling Companies - Kitchen/Bath Remodeling, flooring, interior designers, basement refinishers, windows and window treatment companies.

PLNAR is much more than a measurement app.  It is an Enterprise Solution that gathers all the context about the room or rooms including:

  • Measurements
  • Summary project measurements (perimeter, total square footage)
  • Photos of the space
  • 3D model of the area
  • 3D model with live pictures built in
  • PDF reports
  • Exportable CAD files

Let your field sales folks focus on selling while they leverage PLNAR to gather all the information needed to provide an estimate.

Make it easy for your customers to send you information about their project.

We build enterprise solutions to help business sell more product and become more efficient leveraging the latest in Augmented Reality technology

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