You receive one free Pro Report per device.

A Pro Report includes the following:

  • Summarizes the entire Project in a single PDF
  • Includes takeoffs of 2D and 3D objects including walls, floor, windows, islands and doors
  • Provides a 2D birds-eye view of each room
  • Is emailed to your inbox and shareable with friends and contractors
  • Includes photos for visual reference
  • CAD file (DXF) automatically created and stored in PLNAR Portal
  • Shareable 3D view of each room created and stored in PLNAR Portal

There is one section that tells you how many Purchases Reports you have left.  It defaults to 1.  Remember you can generate the same project as many times as you like.

Just click on Create Professional Report PDF.

It will generate a PDF on the spot but you will also be emailed a link to see and download all the other items mentioned above.

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