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How accurate are measurements made with PLNAR?
How accurate are measurements made with PLNAR?

This article explains PLNAR's accuracy.

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As an estimation tool, PLNAR averages measurements within 95-99%. Measurement accuracy is dependent upon a number of items:

  1. Device:  We have found the new iPhones (8 and X) to be more accurate than the 6S and 6S plus.  We assume this will be the case for newer generations of iPhone.

  2. Lighting: The more the system can see, the more accurate the results.

  3. Point Placement: The more precise you are when you place each point, the more accurate the measurements

  4. Larger Spaces: The larger the room the more opportunity there is for augmented reality (AR) measurements to "drift".  25 foot room is a good max size to achieve the SLA.

  5. Flat Ground: Make sure the area that you are trying to measure has a flat floor surface.

  6. Texture: Make sure the floor has enough texture such as spots, stains, etc so the camera can pick up "feature points".  This won't work well on a white carpet with no noticeable differentiation.

  7. Calibration: Make sure you restart the calibration in every new room (Hit the + sign)

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