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What is included with PLNAR Pro for Business?
What is included with PLNAR Pro for Business?
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PLNAR Pro is a solution for your customers or your field services team.  Your customers use the app and submit their own floorplans, room dimensions and pictures directly to your sales / support team.  This helps you sell more faster and decrease your costs associated with rolling a truck.  If you have an online presence, this makes it easier for your customers to provide the information necessary to quote and close a deal.

  • Enables your customer to send projects / dimensions and pictures to your sales / support team

  • Summary PDF report for the entire project including take-off measurements, drawings and pictures.  See an example report here.

  • Includes cloud functionality to enable your team's access to customer projects (See picture below)

  • CAD file (DXF) is automatically generated

  • Branding opportunities within the PLNAR APP

  • White label options available as well if you want your own branded version of PLNAR

See how PLNAR can be used by your customers.

You can also roll out PLNAR for your field services team.  This can help optimize their time while onsite so they can spend more time working with the customer instead of stretching a tape measure and writing things down on grid paper.

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