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Steps for measuring a complete room
Steps for measuring a complete room

Complete Step by step instructions on how to fully measure a room.

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  1. Create a room perimeter by placing points at every corner of the room. Use the main white button to place points.

  2. Finish the floor plan by hovering back over the first placed point and it will snap closed

3. Next, measure ceiling height by hovering over a wall segment which will show the up arrow (Vertical) button, tap the Vertical button to drag the horizontal line up to the ceiling. Tap the Vertical button again to end the vertical measurement.

4. Mark off doors and openings and label segments by hovering over the segment and selecting the type when the menu appears.You can always add points after creating a perimeter as well.

5. Hover over a door/opening segment and the vertical button will appear. Elevate to the height of the doors/openings with the vertical button again using the same process as the ceiling

6. If you have any windows, you can mark them off using the rectangle drawing mode. Point at the wall and long press (hold down) the main button. You will see the icon rectangle icon show up on the main button

7. In rectangle mode, simply tap in any corner of the window then drag to the corner diagonally across from it. Tap again to finish drawing the window

8. You can use rectangle mode on the floor as well. Switch back to regular drawing mode by long pressing on the main button.

9. At any time, you can undo your last placed point with the undo arrow while in drawing mode

10. You can label and elevate floor structures as well if necessary. For example mark off an island then use the vertical button to raise the structure.

11. You can custom label any wall, segment, or structure by hovering over the item and pressing the pencil button, you can also voice label using the microphone button.

12. After measuring all desired items in the room, switch viewing modes by tapping Settings (gear in the upper right corner) and toggle on 3D Model.

13. You can also delete a structure at any time by hovering over it and selecting the trashcan button

14. To completely start the project over, long press the undo button or + button

15. Capture photos of the space while measuring with the camera button which will save pictures to your photo gallery

16. Save your room plan to the desired project folder by pressing the save button in the bottom right corner after completion

17. View project report in the app by selecting the files button in the top right corner

18. Export entire project with multiple room plans by selecting the arrow at the bottom of the project report and choosing “create professional pdf”

19. Update project by adding additional rooms and export a new PDF again if needed.

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