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What's PLNAR? An introduction.
What's PLNAR? An introduction.

Introduction to PLNAR

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The PLNAR augmented reality App captures 2D and 3D dimensions of rooms and creates digital 3D models. Now, anyone can create a 3D room plan with just their iPhone. No need to use a clunky tape measure or bring a stranger into your house to measure. PLNAR will generate an augmented reality (AR) Project Report with dimensions, documented pictures, 3D Models and CAD files. All output is saved to our PLNAR portal for easy access and sharing.
This app is great for insurance claims adjustors, flooring companies, DIYers, interior designers, remodelers. Generate your own measurements for home projects, obtain material estimates to share with contractors, measure for any home or commercial remodeling project or insurance claim. For businesses, this digitizes your entire sales and estimation sales process!

  • Generate measurements of any room or wall

  • Create 2D and 3D room plans

  • Include and measure structures such as Islands and Stairs

  • Annotate, in AR, characteristics of the room

  • Obtain area, perimeter, and wall surface area of a room

  • Combine multiple rooms into a single project

  • Attach photos to a project

  • Generate a Pro Report and share it with friends, designers or contractors

  • See a 3D view of your space

  • Generate a 3D CAD file of your room

PLNAR is an Austin, TX based startup focused on automating the traditional in-home measurement process required for DIY projects, quoting home services, underwriting insurance policies or settling claims.

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