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Can I enter tape / laser measurements to make my model more accurate?
Can I enter tape / laser measurements to make my model more accurate?

How to override dimensions in PLNAR & achieve even greater accuracy with tape / laser measurements.

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PLNAR’s advanced survey capture can achieve results with over 99% accuracy. For even more accurate results, you can override measurements with tape measure / laser data with a single tap & scale your model accordingly.

How it Works

Once you've created & saved a Room Plan, you can access & view details from the corresponding Project Summary screen:

Project List View --> Project Summary --> Room Plan Detail

From Project Summary, click the room you would like to edit to open the Room Plan Detail page. Tap the measurement you wish to override to launch the Measurement Override pop-up:

Override Dimension --> Editing & Saving Value --> Updated Room Plan Detail

Enter the tape measure / laser readout using the EDIT button displayed on the popup. Note that all units of measure are acceptable (m, cm, mm, ft, ', ", etc...).

Once entered, click save to update results & scale your model accordingly. If you make a mistake, simply launch popup again and click reset to set model back to original result.

See it in Action

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