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How to activate Aim Assist
How to activate Aim Assist

PLNAR's aim assist helps users automatically lock onto feature points like room & object corners.

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Having trouble achieving perfect point placement when marking room & object corners? No worries, we've got you covered with Aim Assist.

PLNAR's reticle / crosshair sensitivity has been dialed in to achieve ultimate accuracy. This fine tuning, while great for those of us blessed with steady hands, can make point placement difficult.ย 

To activate Aim Assist, navigate to your settings menu during the room creation process.

Scroll down a bit until you reach the AR setting toggles. You'll find "Activate Aim Assist" above the Unit of Measure preference setting.

Tap to switch from off to on.

Once activated, take it for a spin. Aim the reticle / crosshair near a room / wall corner. The reticle will automatically glide into place, directly over the corner. Then simply tap the capture button to lock in your point.

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