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How do I sign up in the PLNAR App?
How do I sign up in the PLNAR App?

Creating an account using the PLNAR App.

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To sign up & generate a project, users can use either the PLNAR Portal or the PLNAR App. The advantage of the PLNAR Portal is that users can choose between a PLNAR Pic or a PLNAR Pro project. The PLNAR Pic project allows the user to upload photos to their cloud using a browser. Meanwhile, the PLNAR Pro project creates an advanced 2D & 3D model of interior spaces using the PLNAR App. For instructions on creating a project in the PLNAR Portal click here.

Signing up via the PLNAR App is easy. On first open, you'll be greeted with a Welcome Screen with Sign-up, Sign-in, and Try it Out options.

If you already have a PLNAR account, tap sign-in and enter your PLNAR Portal credentials. 

For new users, you can try out the app using the Try it Out option and skip the initial Sign-up process. You're free to create a project & even add a room but note, on completion of the room, you'll be prompted to Sign-up to continue and save your work.

Signing up via the app

Tap the Sign Up button & select your account type. Both Business & Personal start out on our Pay-As-You-Go plan. 

If you received an invite to download & install PLNAR via email or text, tap "Yes I was invited" and exit the app. Click the link provided in the invite to open the app & complete sign-in.

If new to PLNAR, select brand new, and enter the required information to get started.

That's it. Once you've signed up, you should receive a welcome email with some additional information to get started.

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