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How to create & upload a PLNAR Project.
How to create & upload a PLNAR Project.

To create 2D & 3D rooms, you must first create a PLNAR Project.

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Upon sign-in, you'll arrive at your project list.

To start a new project, tap the plus button.

Type in your project name & add any notes you see fit. Then you can either type the property address or tap "Current Location" to geo-locate your position. Once your project details have been added, click Next to proceed to the Project Summary Screen.

Now you're ready to start creating your room plans. Tap the plus button, select the Add Room option, & add room details on the following screen. Tap Continue to start the room planning session.

Once you've created your room plans & added any additional photos, you're ready to upload. Tap the Upload Project button to save the project to the cloud.

Once uploaded, you can view and download your project assets from the PLNAR Portal. For an optimal viewing experience, it's recommended that you use the Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge browser & visit the Portal from a laptop/desktop device.

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