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How to create room perimeters using rectangle mode
How to create room perimeters using rectangle mode

Quickly create squared off or rectangular room perimeters using rectangle mode.

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PLNAR's Rectangle Mode allows you to improve the capture of most rooms (circular rooms being the exception).  Rectangular mode:

  • Is faster

  • Is more accurate

  • Can generate better/cleaner diagrams (90 degrees)

  • Is better for large spaces

  • Reduces drift (when lines start to move) 

  • Is better for cluttered spaces where you can't see all the corners

Here's how it works:

Room Perimeter

Add a new room to your project. Once you've calibrated your device with the floor, press the Rectangle button on the right of the screen to enter Rectangle Mode.

Choose a longer wall to create the base of your rectangle. Place a point at the base of each corner of the wall. Once you've placed your second point, the rectangle will begin to take shape.

Pan your device to the opposite end of the room until your rectangle is aligned with the opposing wall. Click the capture button to lock in place. Congrats! Your perimeter is all set. Simply proceed with the rest of the room creation process.


Rectangle mode an be used for a variety of different room types. Here's a few examples below:

Once you've created your initial rectangle, you can add additional perimeter points create segments ("breaks") and further extend the room. 

Hover over the new segment with reticle and press / hold main capture button to pickup and adjust placement. Continue to hold capture button and pan device to push / pull segment inward or outward from your previously created rectangle. Once re-positioned, let go of main capture button to lock in placement. This action adjusts your room's perimeter.

You can continue to add additional points & move segments as you see fit. Once you have finished adjusting, proceed through the room creation process.

Here is our training video if you are interested in a more in-depth explanation:

Rectangle mode is also great when measuring a cluttered room.  Here is an example of a cluttered bathroom.

  1. Create a rectangle on the floor with the axis aligned with a wall.

  2. Push and pull wall segments to align with the walls.  Create a new segment as needed.

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