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How to add & delete photos from your project
How to add & delete photos from your project

This article explains how to upload, delete, and manage photos in your PLNAR projects, using the Portal interface.

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Add photos to your project

  1. Navigate & sign-in to the PLNAR Portal (

  2. Click PROJECTS tab on left navigation pane.

  3. Select the project you wish to add or remove photos from.

  4. Once project displays, click PHOTOS tap under the project's name.

  5. Click the UPLOAD button to display the photo upload interface.

  6. Optionally click to browse & select OR drag & drop the photos you wish to add.

Delete photos from your project

  1. Using the project's PHOTOS tab, select the photos you wish to delete.

  2. A menu displaying your selected photo count will appear on the bottom of the screen. Click the dot menu to display additional options.

  3. Click DELETE and confirm deletion by clicking OK on page dialog popup.

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