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How do I upload photos from my computer to PLNAR?
How do I upload photos from my computer to PLNAR?

Learn how to create a photo only project using Web Photo Upload on a laptop.

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Step One

Create a project by navigating to the PLNAR portal using your credentials to login and click the “New Project” link. 

Step Two

Name your project and start “Photo Upload” project.

Step Three

Fill in the project details and contact information for where you would like the project link to be sent.

Step Four

Open the link and review instructions and proceed until the “Name Room” screen. From here fill in name and details of the first room.

Step Five

Clicking on the purple add photo icon gives you the option to upload photos into your profile. You can create additional rooms by clicking the “New Room|Group” link.

Step Six

Proceeding to the next screen allows you to see all of your rooms and the number of photos taken. Review this information before uploading to the PLNAR portal.

Step Seven

Opening back up the PLNAR portal gives you allows you to look back at the photos and review associated information. 

Step Eight

Time to get started!

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