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How do I access my Photo Upload from the portal?
How do I access my Photo Upload from the portal?

Learn how to navigate an uploaded photo only project on the laptop version of the PLNAR web portal.

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Step One

Select your uploaded project to displays details about the project including description and location.

Step Two

Click on the “Photos” tab to bring you to your photo gallery with an image preview.

Step Three

Select multiple photos for tagging, deleting, or downloading by selecting the circle which appears when you hover over each image.

Step Four

To edit an individual photo click “view image”. Use the information menu to edit the details and save on the right!

Step Five

In the main photo viewer, you can also upload additional photos by pressing the blue upload button.

Step Six

There are four options to export the project found through the “export” button.

Step Seven

The Pro Report Builder allows customization of your brand, the sections reported, and which photos to include.

Step Eight

The final report will export like this. Now you are ready to use the portal!

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