• Calibration:  Make sure the room is well lit.  The App needs to be able to see texture on the floor.  If it is dark or an all white ground, it won't detect well.
  • Calibration:  Make sure the area that you "calibrate" on is a flat surface.
  • Walk around a few seconds after calibration to let PLNAR "Discover" the area
  • Measuring:  PLNAR is optimized for rooms < 25' (<8 meters) long.  Accuracy will degrade beyond that.
  • Measuring:  Try to stay within a 5-10 foot circle when setting the perimeter of the room.  
  • Fine Tuning:  After setting the perimeter, you can move closer to each point and place it perfectly.  
  • Vertical:  When establishing ceiling height, it is best to pick the segment that maps to the seam and stand away from the wall so you can see the entire wall.
  • Time: The longer the AR session is the more prone the measurements are to drift.
  • Add doors, openings and windows AFTER you add the ceiling height.

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