On project completion, data is sent to the portal for asset generation. Completed projects are displayed on the Projects tab in the Portal. Minor project details will be displayed for identification purposes.

A PLNAR user can send as many projects to the Portal as they see fit. Once in the portal, projects can be selected & unlocked for viewing.

Unlocking a project in the portal grants you access to a full exportable report of your AR measurements with detailed specifications. Once unlocked, you can click the project to view project details, access time & location data, interact with scaled 3D models, download photo sets, and export a variety of supported CAD file formats.

Each project costs 1 credit to unlock. As a new user, your first project is on us! Just sign-in to the portal, select one of your submitted projects, and click the unlock toggle on the bottom-right of the screen. Confirm details to process request - your free project credit will be selected by default.

To learn more, see: What's included in my PLNAR Project.

How to Sign-In & Unlock my first project: 

Once you click FINISH and generated a project using the PLNAR app, you’ll be prompted to visit the PLNAR portal to see a detailed report of your project. 

When ready, tap the ‘view my virtual project’ button, which appears after the ‘generating report’ animation completes itself. 

You’ll be directed to the PLNAR portal where you’ll be asked to set a password.

When you’ve confirmed your new password, sign into the portal using the same email that you used when entering your contact information into the app. 

After you’ve signed into the portal, you’ll see any active projects you’ve submitted in the ‘Project Explorer’ page. 

To unlock a project, tap on your project and press the ‘unlock’ slider in the bottom right corner to spend your complementary credit and generate a full report.

Your detailed project report will be instantly available for your viewing!

**In order to unlock more projects, you'll need to purchase additional credits.


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