How do I sign up on the web?

Creating an account using the PLNAR Portal.

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To sign up & generate a project, users can use either the PLNAR Portal or the PLNAR App. The advantage of the PLNAR Portal is that users can choose between a PLNAR Pic or a PLNAR Pro project. The PLNAR Pic project allows the user to upload photos to their cloud using a browser. Meanwhile, the PLNAR Pro project creates an advanced 2D & 3D model of interior spaces using the PLNAR App. For instructions on creating a project in the PLNAR App click here.

To create an account & first project using the PLNAR Portal, navigate to the PLNAR Home Page and click "Get Started for Free".

Then, enter your information to create a PLNAR account or click sign in if you have already created an account.

From here you can chose your payment plan.

Now you are then logged in to the PLNAR Portal where you can create a new project by clicking the "create a project" or "new project" buttons.

This will prompt you to name and chose your project. Pick the project that best fits your intentions.

Both projects will send a link via text and email to open the project on your phone.ย 

* If you chose a PLNAR Pro project, this link will direct you to download the PLNAR app from the app store. After the app has been downloaded please reopen the link. The pic project will launch a browser and can be opened on any device.

After uploading either project, you will be able to view your completed project with additional details and tools by navigating back to the PLNAR portal.

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