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How do I pay for PLNAR Projects?
How do I pay for PLNAR Projects?

Explaining how free projects, credits, and monthly & annual plans work.

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Once you created an uploaded a project, you can view and unlock them in the PLNAR Portal. In order to unlock a project, you need one credit or pre-paid plan. By default, all accounts start as a "starter" plan with one free credit to create an initial project.

Unlocked projects contain fully exportable detailed project reports, 2D plans, 3D models, measurement CSVs, and photo zips. In the PLNAR Portal, you can also view project details, access time & location data, interact with scaled 3D models, download photo sets, and export a variety of supported CAD file formats. To learn more, see What's included in my PLNAR Project.

To unlock a second project, launch the PLNAR Portal and select either of these buttons in the upper right corner.

Selecting the window with a rocket in it, will bring you to this screen where you can purchase additional credits securely for $10.83 each. Each credit can unlock one project.

If you are looking to use PLNAR more frequently, click instead on "upgrade now" which will launch this page explaining the different payment options, and chose the one that best fits your needs.

For more information on PLNAR for Businesses read What is included with PLNAR Pro for Business?

Now you're good to go, click here to launch the PLNAR Portal and unlock your projects!

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